A Primer to Qi'Dara

A Primer to Qi’Dara
A Brief Look at Our World
by Elgalad, Grand Akashic of the Circle of the Mage

I was never particularly good at starting books. The problem with being the adventurous type is that you spend so much time traveling, writing in short hand, and speaking to everyday folk that you often forget to brush up on your diction. Certainly other scholars could write a more prolific tome on the world in which we live but such works are often ponderous in nature and better suited for stuffed shirts that lock themselves in towers all day and debate trivium by candlelight. I prefer to live and learn by seeing and doing, not by reading but I suppose I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

My name is Elgalad. No surname. You have perhaps heard of me; perhaps we’ve shared a drink or a story. Tossing out honorifics, I am Grand Akashic of the Circle of the Mage which probably means very little to you. I’ll explain what it means later but suffice it to say it’s an important title with all sorts of responsibilities attached.

Or so I’m told.

In truth, I’ve never cared for such things, not with such an amazing world out there to see and explore and on the subject of the world – our would, Qi’Dara- I’m something of an expert. The expert, actually, and I’ve written this book as a bit of an explorer’s guide to it. So, fellow thrill-seeker, settle in for what I hope will be anything but a ponderous look at Qi’Dara.

Before we get started, I should make a note that often times you will see a proper noun written like this followed by some words (in parenthesis). As a student of Magic (The Truth), it’s second nature to speak and write in Vartic (The Word), the old tongue, the tongue of Mage (True). The words that follow in parenthesis are the translation in common tongue. For example, my name, Elgalad, translates to He That Answers The Call and is also my Truename. We’ll get into that later. I realize that up to this point, I have also skipped Akashic (The In-Between) and Qi’Dara (Alter of Life).

Pressing on…

The Basics

Qi’Dara is the third planet in the Luon (Light) system. It is of a moderate size when compared to the other planets that circle Dar’Luon (House of Light) but is among the most populous world in the system with the most varied of climates and, thanks to many ancient Katavu(Doors or Portals) connecting it to the various worlds beyond, it serves as a hub of trade, politics, knowledge, and, well, basically everything.

It is the native home of three species- Manit (humans), Van’tavyr (giants), and Kulla (dwarves) – as well as the adoptive home of two more – Ciru (elves) and Ulaku (faen). This does not include the Orc (Orcs, which is strangely the same in both languages) as they seem to be native to every world in the system somehow.

Qi’Dara has generally mild seasons with harsher winters near the poles and harsher summers near the meridian and…

You know what….you probably don’t care about the weather. Let’s get into the real meat of things. I’ll start from the beginning.

A Primer to Qi'Dara

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