A Brief History of Time

In the beginning, there was only Akasha (Inbetween) and it was alone. Akasha searched the far ends of the stars for another and when it found nothing, it was saddened. Seeing no other way to cure its sadness, Akasha reached into its chest and pulled out its hot, glowing heart. It gave shape to this heart that it might never be alone. Akasha named this creature Luon (Light) and together they were happy for a time but, like all things that have no heart must do, Akasha died and left Luon alone and he was sad.

And he was angry.

And in his anger, Luon cursed the body of Akasha and with his heat he burned it and from the ashes rose Irul(Darkness).

Where Akasha had been kind, Irul was mean.

Where Akasha had sought to create, Irul sought only to destroy.

Luon and Irul hated one another and so they fought. It is unknown for how long but in the end, Luon was defeated. Knowing his death was imminent, Luon let forth all of his power with a great explosion and shattered Irul into countless pieces scattered among the stars.

Luon, too, was destroyed, his body broken into ten pieces. But just as his fire had given life to Irul, so would it give life to the great races of the Luon system.

And so the worlds were born.

Before The First Coming
The Orcs have no record of their origin but we know that they ruled the world long before humankind could speak. Their oral history states that their civilization never stretched far beyond their sacred land and that their contact with humankind was minimal. They have no tales of us before the rise of the two great empires so this is where all of our histories begin.

In Western Andara rose the theocratic nation of Netar. A deeply religious people, the Netar were the first people to worship Dar’Luon. They built great statues and temples in his honor and feared the night for that was when Irul would come. The Netar lived simple lives, bowing only to their great priest and to Dar’Luon and in their simplicity, they prospered.

In South Essendra rose the Hrimiti. Where the Netar were deeply religious, the Hrimiti were deeply inquisitive and sought to find the way the world worked through discovery and invention. Their technologies advanced rapidly and their people thrived.

And then the dragons came.

They came in small numbers at first, scouts and heralds seeking out areas of civilization to conquer, whether by subjugation or annihilation. The Netar were contacted first. Draconic emissaries came and heralded the arrival their great leader, Par’khum (Shadowdawn). They offered the Netar two choices, kneel before their new god or be destroyed. They chose to kneel, an act of betrayal against human kind that still burns holes in diplomacy to this day.

The dragons approached the Hrimiti next and made the same offer. To their great surprise, they were turned away. They came again in greater numbers and made the offer a second time and again the Hrimiti denied them and bade them never return but the dragons were nothing if not tenacious and so they came in greater numbers still, offering subjugation or annihilation. The Hrimiti unleashed their greatest weapons on the dragons, great fire spewing towers that tore the dragons asunder and slew them all. Their victory was short lived.

Only one dragon came next. Par’khum descended from the sky, his mass shaking the very foundations earth when he walked, his wings so large they blotted out the sun and cast Qi’Dara in darkness. The Hrimiti unleashed their greats weapons again but their resistance was futile. The dragon was unphased by every blast and with a single great blast from his gaping maw, he destroyed the empire. The buildings crumbled, the crops turned to ash, and the ground turned to sand. Few survived.


A Brief History of Time

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